Monday, October 14, 2019

Charlie Sweater

I saw a photo of a cute baby sweater recently, and after several inquiries, found that the only way I could get the pattern was to buy a kit that included the pattern. So, rather unlike me, I bought the kit that also included the yarn and the needles. I didn't need the needles, and could've bought the yarn almost anywhere.

The yarn was very chunky wool, and the needles were extra large, both of which were a bit unlike my usual knitting style. But I thought it would be a good challenge for me.

The pattern ended up being super simple, with four square sections of all knitting. The only slightly complicated part was alternating the color of the yarn. I tried wrapping the strands as I went, so I wouldn't have lots of ends to deal with when I sewed it up.

There was enough yarn leftover that I was able to make another smaller version using a slightly different "top down" in the round pattern.

The sweaters went to two nieces, sisters, who were both having boys around the same time.