Saturday, January 19, 2019


One of the most valuable tools for outdoor work is a good pair of gloves. Finding a good pair takes time and effort - trial and error. I've learned the hard way to always wear gloves anytime I go outside to do work.

I've used several pairs in the past few years and think I've finally found the right pair for me. I have only realized their value because they are wearing out and need to be replaced. 

The pair I've been using is a Carhartt brand. They have been hard wearing and thick enough to keep my hands warm and to protect them without being too thick to restrict movement. They are easy to put on with elastic around the wrist, rather than a velcro strap like my last pair from Schmidt. The thing I most like about them is that they are lined inside with soft fabric, which prevents chafing and blisters you sometimes get with other gloves. They also protect my nails, on those rare occasions when I'm worried about a manicure. 

I ordered a new pair, which I thought was the same, but have now realized they aren't as thick, and aren't lined inside.