Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Red Wagon

I thought a little red wagon would be a fun thing to have for when the grandchildren visit. So I bought a metal Radio Flyer several months ago, ordered online. Like so many things, it came in a big cardboard box and had to be put together. 

There were too many steps and tightening of screws for me, so I got Son to put it together. He loves that sort of thing. Or at least I think he should love that sort of thing.

I have used it before a few times when we had freezing weather. But since my surgery, the wagon has come in very handy. I have been using it for carrying heavier things around, even things like groceries and packages that come in the mail. I have been mostly using it for carrying the water down to the chickens because we don't have a water faucet down by the coop. Luckily the waterer is a 3 gallon bucket and the chickens usually only drink about 2 gallons a day because I spill about half of it on the way. I can just about lift it to the ledge and then clip it on.