Thursday, November 14, 2013


I ran across an interesting article recently about natural springs. It referred me to a website called Find A Spring. This peaked my curiosity enough to see if there were any near us. As it turns out there are thirteen listed in Texas and two are within driving distance. The website has a video clip that explains the health benefits of drinking spring water.

Artesian Well, Canton
Cuney-Frankston Spring, Frankston
I wasn't interested enough to make a special trip but decided the next time I was in one of the two areas I would detour to find it. 

So a couple of weekends ago, on a whim, the daughters and I decided to go to the Canton flea market. In the end that turned out to be a bad decision for a Saturday afternoon. But the day wasn't a complete failure because on the way home we found the Artesian Well.

Since the site didn't have an actual address, I had downloaded the coordinates which took us right to the location. I ended up driving past it because it looked like nothing.  Just a country road. No signs. No banners. No cars. No people. This was in stark contrast to a few minutes earlier at Canton.

A PVC pipe was sticking out through a chain link fence with water running out. That was it.

We filled up what water bottles we had in the car since I hadn't come prepared with water barrels. I was a little nervous to drink it, being so conditioned to think safe water has to come out of a tap. But it was cold and clean and tasted pure, if that's possible. It is definitely worth a trip up there again to fill up barrels.

I would highly recommend visiting Find A Spring website to see if you live near a natural spring.

The Artesian Well, Canton

The water poured out of a PVC pipe with good pressure (more than my kitchen sink).

The pipe was over a grate, I suppose to set your barrels on.

It seemed a shame that the water was just spilling and running down the hill.

This must be an electric pump for the well.


  1. Beth - At the risk of sounding cynical - Your father (Charlie?) would say, " Darlin', back in the day, that's we used to fill our radiators on long trips." Picking up "The Roamer" tomorrow following his latest "Escapade On Ice". Seen the pix. Now eager to hear the details.

  2. A well and a spring are not the same thing....