Monday, August 26, 2013


Of the things I planted last fall, the lettuces did the best. So I planted more lettuce seeds the other day. I decided to recycle some of the planting disks that didn't grow from the last batch. This time I planted Butterhead, Leaf, Romaine, and Mesclum. I'm leaving them inside for now, next to the window, because it's too hot outside. So far they're doing fairly well. I'll move them outside when it cools down a bit.

I use organic seed. I used tweezers to plant them because they're so tiny.

I recycled some of the dud ones from last time.

This is two weeks growth.

Friday, August 23, 2013


I have a few zucchinis ready now in my raised bed. I've been looking under leaves each morning, searching for new growth and waiting until I thought they were big enough to pick. Then this morning, much to my surprise, I'd missed a huge one under some of the vines.

A few yellow squash are ready as well. The two plants are very similar - similar leaves and similar flowers. The fruit grows out from under the flowers.

I'm thinking I may make some zucchini bread with them. 

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Big City

We helped Daughter move up to the Big City the other day. Now that she has a full time teaching position, she can afford to rent a condo with a friend. 

We were able to get all of her things in the Guv'nor's trailer that he hitched to his pickup. This is how we do it now. Thankfully nothing fell off the back as we were driving on the freeway. We (as in Guv'nor and Son) also managed to get everything up the flight of stairs into her unit.

We are glad she's off having fun in the Big City, but we are missing her here at home.

Our loading wasn't exactly aerodynamic.

The yellow strap blew off before we had gone a mile.

Grandpa would be pleased to know that his chair was living on in the Big City.

Barely out of the driveway before we had to stop and check things.

The new place is three stories - two stories of living space over a garage.

Everything had to go up at least one flight of stairs.

She has an orange front door.

I had to at least make sure her bed was set up before leaving her in the Big City.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Wide Load

I saw this unusual piece of farm equipment on the highway the other day. I have no idea what it was. It looked a bit medieval. It took up most of two lanes, but thankfully the driver was considerate and pulled over to let me pass.

Friday, August 16, 2013


I picked our first cantaloupe melon the other day from our raised bed. I had been watching it grow with great excitement since I first discovered the tiny ball hiding under the big leaves. I washed it and put in the fridge to chill, then cut it up later for supper.

The melon was firm but not very sweet. So I think next time I will pick it and then let it sit on the counter inside for a day before we eat it.

We've got about a dozen more in various stages of growth. If we can just keep the bed watered and the bugs away, then we might be able to enjoy a few more.

I had to have patience to wait until the stripes were yellow to pick it.

Here's our first melon, still green on the vine.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013


We went shopping the other day at a few thrift stores in the area. I was really looking for a headboard suitable for a king size bed, but didn't find one.

The two stores we like are about 15 miles away. One has just expanded into a larger space. Their prices are reasonable, but firm. The other place is smaller, but their prices are guidelines. I haven't been there yet when there wasn't some sort of sale going on. This time it was "Everything $1, except..."

We spent about $20 in both stores but got lots of good stuff.
pair of curtains
square linen tablecloth
set of 8 linen napkins
set of 4 cotton napkins with yellow trim
pair of quilted pillowcases
one quilted pillowcase
flower edged side plate
oval plate (Homer Laughlin)
6 paperback books
audiobook set

Spent $18 at one place for 15 items.

These curtains cost $4.99.

Tablecloth ($1), 2 sets of napkins, 2 plates.

I loved the flower detail on the little plate. Plate $.49 and yellow trim napkins $.99

I'm liking this Homer Laughlin design. Plate $1.49 and linen napkins $1.

2 quilted pillow cases - $1.50

One quilted pillow case - $1.50.

Audiobook - $1.

Daughter wanted these books - 6 for $1.50.

Daughter chose out the backpack, too - $1.

I've been interested in Homer Laughlin dishes lately. On a previous outing I found six plates in the design I like. 

These six 8" plates cost $6. It was dollar day.

Love this design. I think it's called Magnolia.

Based on their dating method, this Georgian Eggshell plate was made in April 1950.

Monday, August 12, 2013


These little things are everywhere at the moment. Dog usually brings them in on her legs, then rolls around on the carpet. We try to brush her off but somehow they still come inside. We usually find them when we're walking barefoot.

Not sure what the proper word for them is, but we call them stickers.

Friday, August 9, 2013

So Hot

It has been so hot here lately. Temperatures are consistently over 100 degrees. We desperately need rain again. It's been almost four weeks now since we had rain. Things are looking dry and dusty.

We are so thankful for air conditioning. Even when we have to be out in the heat we know we can dash back inside to coolness.

106 one day.

110 another day.

Friday, August 2, 2013


Guv'nor recently returned from a short visit to his homeland England. His only sister's only daughter was getting married and he went to the wedding. Our whole family desperately wanted to go as well, but our travel budget is fairly limited these days. Flights to the UK cost around $1000. Times 5 if we all went. Plus, now that we have chickens, someone needs to be here to feed them and make sure they're locked up tight at night.

He was able to visit with his family, old school friends, church friends, our neighborhood friends and work colleagues. England was in the midst of a heat wave with temperatures in the 80's and 90's daily. Guv'nor loved it.

He brought back treats that we missed from our favorite store Marks and Spencer. He brought tea for me.

He stayed half of the time with his parents who live in an old house. Tudor old.

His parents have a wonderful organic vegetable garden.

They were picking peas.

They shelled peas.

He trimmed hedges.

The wedding was in a little village called Harleston.

He stayed in a small hotel.

Harleston high street.

The wedding was held in this picturesque church building.

The guests inside the church building.

The reception was held in a marquee.

Afternoon tea was served for the reception.

He walked down our old street in North London.

He walked past our old house.

He walked through the local woods.

He ate with friends at our favorite fish and chips restaurant.

He walked up the hill to Ally Pally.

He watched a cricket match on a local green.

He brought treats for the children.

He brought me tea, cakes and biscuits.