Wednesday, August 14, 2013


We went shopping the other day at a few thrift stores in the area. I was really looking for a headboard suitable for a king size bed, but didn't find one.

The two stores we like are about 15 miles away. One has just expanded into a larger space. Their prices are reasonable, but firm. The other place is smaller, but their prices are guidelines. I haven't been there yet when there wasn't some sort of sale going on. This time it was "Everything $1, except..."

We spent about $20 in both stores but got lots of good stuff.
pair of curtains
square linen tablecloth
set of 8 linen napkins
set of 4 cotton napkins with yellow trim
pair of quilted pillowcases
one quilted pillowcase
flower edged side plate
oval plate (Homer Laughlin)
6 paperback books
audiobook set

Spent $18 at one place for 15 items.

These curtains cost $4.99.

Tablecloth ($1), 2 sets of napkins, 2 plates.

I loved the flower detail on the little plate. Plate $.49 and yellow trim napkins $.99

I'm liking this Homer Laughlin design. Plate $1.49 and linen napkins $1.

2 quilted pillow cases - $1.50

One quilted pillow case - $1.50.

Audiobook - $1.

Daughter wanted these books - 6 for $1.50.

Daughter chose out the backpack, too - $1.

I've been interested in Homer Laughlin dishes lately. On a previous outing I found six plates in the design I like. 

These six 8" plates cost $6. It was dollar day.

Love this design. I think it's called Magnolia.

Based on their dating method, this Georgian Eggshell plate was made in April 1950.

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  1. Oh Imlove those magnolia plates! I have a hard time finding good thrifted china.