Thursday, August 22, 2013

Big City

We helped Daughter move up to the Big City the other day. Now that she has a full time teaching position, she can afford to rent a condo with a friend. 

We were able to get all of her things in the Guv'nor's trailer that he hitched to his pickup. This is how we do it now. Thankfully nothing fell off the back as we were driving on the freeway. We (as in Guv'nor and Son) also managed to get everything up the flight of stairs into her unit.

We are glad she's off having fun in the Big City, but we are missing her here at home.

Our loading wasn't exactly aerodynamic.

The yellow strap blew off before we had gone a mile.

Grandpa would be pleased to know that his chair was living on in the Big City.

Barely out of the driveway before we had to stop and check things.

The new place is three stories - two stories of living space over a garage.

Everything had to go up at least one flight of stairs.

She has an orange front door.

I had to at least make sure her bed was set up before leaving her in the Big City.

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