Monday, July 29, 2019


An armadillo got snarled up in the chicken fencing. It was an unpleasant surprise one morning when I went out to feed the chickens. 

The back shell of an armadillo has different sections and several ridges. Somehow the fencing got wedged between one of the sections, and I'm assuming it wouldn't dislodge even when the armadillo tried squirming and reversing out. The fence doesn't have a strong charge, but apparently it had enough to kill the armadillo over several hours. 

There have been plenty of dead animals and unpleasant things that have had to be done, but getting the dead armadillo untangled from the chicken fencing was one of the most unpleasant things I've had to do so far on our farm. I've had to untangle dead chickens before, but I felt some sort of sympathy for them. I had absolutely no sympathy for the armadillo, and felt disgust at being forced to be so close to it. I was annoyed at how tightly it was wedged in the fencing, almost to the point of cutting the fence. They are potential carriers for diseases including leprosy, so in addition to wearing gloves, I used my chicken rake to move it. I got it as far at the compost bin, and later Son buried it.

It would have been impossible for me to have dealt with it if it had been alive.

Monday, June 24, 2019


The water in the hydroponic water barrel had dozens of tadpoles recently that turned into frogs.

Monday, June 17, 2019


We have had good success with most of the things we planted this year and are enjoying all the fruit and vegetables from the garden.
Green Pepper
Some nights we are able to eat mostly our own produce and meat for supper.

Monday, June 3, 2019


I was locking up the chickens the other night after dark, and was using the flashlight. I just happened to notice something a little different and aimed the light on it. It took me awhile to process what I was seeing because the shadows and colors were blending.

It was a pretty big snake just hanging by the chickens. They didn't seem bothered by it, but it certainly bothered me. I  went back in the house to get help. By the time Son and I had returned, the snake had moved around a little and was slithering behind the chickens. He managed to get the snake out of the coop before using the hoe.

He was satisfied and went back in the house. I wasn't convinced it was dead, so took a few more swings at it to make sure.

It has been a curious transformation for me because this particular time I was much calmer than in the past. I think the reason was that I was angry because the little birds had gone missing again and I knew it was the culprit. I had been watching them every day since the eggs appeared and was hopeful this time they would make it.

Monday, May 27, 2019


After much thought, we decided to donate our puppies for adoption. A friend was able to arrange for the puppies to be taken to a rescue in Colorado, called Rocky Mountain Lab Rescue.

We learned that our area of the country is over populated with dogs, and that other areas of the country are wanting more dogs. There are organizations that transfer dogs around the country to where they are most wanted. Our puppies got to fly to Colorado, where there is a waiting list for potential puppies.

The day before we were scheduled to hand off the puppies to fostering, they went missing. That morning when I went out to feed them, the puppies were no where to be seen or heard. They were completely gone. It was as if they hadn't ever been there at all. Sadie was standing around looking a bit relieved, but certainly not worried.

I figured they had just wandered off back into the woods and would wander back when they got hungry. At midday, they still hadn't returned. So we all went out searching for them in the afternoon. We walked the woods all around them. We drove the four wheeler all over the property looking for them. We even drove around asking our neighbors. Nothing. One neighbor wasn't very comforting when he said, "Well, we do have hogs in the area."

Around sunset, as I stepped out on the front porch to take a photo of the sunset, I thought I heard yapping in the distance. So we went out towards the noise, and found the puppies coming up out of the woods from the direction of the creek. They were all wet and muddy. They eagerly followed us back inside the fencing and gobbled up all the food we gave them. They were hungry and thirsty. Sadie didn't seem to excited to see them. 

Monday, May 13, 2019


Remember those bluebonnets we tried transplanting last spring?

Well, to my amazement, a couple of small bluebonnet plants survived and actually bloomed right in front of the house!!

I'm hoping there will be enough seed pods to survive another year and make more.

A friend also gave me a bag of seeds, which I scattered along the side of the house after a good rain.