Wednesday, February 8, 2017


We have had a ladybug plague of sorts lately. We started noticing them back in November. I'm not sure why or where they all came from, but they're literally everywhere. They are on the windows, walls, curtains, ceilings, countertops, floors, doors, etc. They seem to like the windows the most. They cluster in corners. Maybe they're trying to get outside.

I did a little googling and came up with this:
The Asian Lady Beetle is much like the native species found through the United States. They are small, hemispherical in shape, and can be found with and without spots. Their colors may vary from red and orange to a dull cream. However, unlike the native species, this ladybug can be quite aggressive. Masses of ladybugs have been known to swarm and even bite when seeking shelter for the winter months. In this regard, they have been an unwelcome guest for homeowners that don't find them to be good luck at all, but rather a nuisance. --
And they don't seem to die easily. They survive being on the windshield driving down the highway. They survive a freeze. They survive heavy winds. They survive the rain. One survived a car wash. Another one even survived being heated in coffee in the microwave!

And now, for another unknown reason, they are beginning to die. So I'm finding dead ones all over the house.

Apologies that my photos aren't very good. They make it really hard to take photos. They are tiny and move fast.

"Ladybug, ladybug, fly away home"

Note: Ladybugs are called Ladybirds in England.


  1. Wow, that's bizarre how they congregate. I love ladybugs, but I don't think I would love them that much! We have an infestation kind of like that around April to May of these small black beetles, which I think are called some type of Elm beetle. They're irritating for about a month or so every late spring, then they all die.

    1. Well, I do hope they're on their way out. On to the next pest.

  2. We are seeing a lot of ladybugs too. Mark reminds me that they eat other bugs, so they are a good bug. We don't have quite as many as you, but we do have quite a few. I felt something on my arm a couple of days ago. It was a ladybug and I think it was biting me. That was a first for me. I used to catch them and carry them around when I was a kid.

    1. Yes, I think generally they are a good thing outside. I'm not sure what good they're doing inside.