Monday, February 6, 2017

Lame Beltie

One of the Beltie's somehow injured her leg. This happened soon after she had the little calf with the tiny lightning bolt stripe. Hardly a stripe. I don't think it actually joins around the "belt". We were concerned she might not look after the baby and then the baby would die.

We're never quite sure how these things happen. She may have stepped in a hole and twisted it. She wouldn't ever really let us get close enough to look at it. Plus it was her hind leg, so there's always a risk that she might kick us.

So Guv'nor put her in a smaller pasture by herself so she could rest and recover. At first she wouldn't really get up or put any pressure on it. Later she would be standing on it. And gradually she was walking. We didn't do anything to doctor the leg, but just hoped it would heal gradually with rest. And it has, thankfully. Guv'nor put her and the baby back with the other cows just the other day.

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