Thursday, November 7, 2013

Biggest Rain

One thing I've learned so far living here is that rain is a big deal when you have property. So many things are dependent on the rain - too much or too little or just the right amount. And we have no control over it.

Guv'nor is very interested in our rainfall and monitors it constantly. I don't know if it is officially, but he thinks the drought should be over now with all the recent rain we've had. He suggested I mention this fact on my blog, so I suggested he give me some more details to use.

So when you're married to an analyst, this is the sort of facts you get (copied verbatim from an email dated 31 October):

Yesterday was the largest event of the year. 9.65 inches in October after 7.00 inches in September.
It has rained on 55 days in 303 days to date. For the year to date we are now at 108% of a normal year.
This means that in 2013 we can say the draught is over, even if the rain deficit from the last three years will still take some time to replenish.

If Nov and Dec are normal we will get 7 more inches.


  1. Beth - Loved your "shot" at The Guv..... :-)))))) T. J. "Restless" gets home tomorrow; hugs Jack; does laundry and.... off again. Dontcha love it?

    1. Guv'nor said he thought I would need some sort of picture to go with the facts. I thought the bar graph was very visual.
      So far the sabbatical has been pretty busy.

  2. Have you thought about putting in a cistern? I don't know much about them but am interested in if y'all think it would be worth the work.

    1. I'm not sure what type of cistern you're thinking about. We found an old/dry cistern out in one of the fields. It had been covered up and it looks unstable and dangerous. We didn't have any luck drilling a well and the creek behind us is dry. So we're hoping to capture rainwater and store in a large tank/cistern - at some point. We feel it would be worth the time and expense.