Friday, November 8, 2013

Goat Names

We decided our goats needed some names. The plan is to raise these to be milk goats, so we thought it was fairly safe to name them. And since Guv'nor has taken most of the responsibility for them, he got to choose the names. He decided on traditional English names: Sarah, Charlotte, and Harriet.

Guv'nor lets them outside of their fencing for short periods of time when he is working outside. They are pretty good to stay close to him. It is quite difficult to get a photo of just one of the goats, since they tend to stay close together whenever I'm around. 

Sarah is the biggest of the three and sometimes a bit more aggressive.

Charlotte is the all brown one.

Harriet is the smallest one with the various colors.

Guv'nor was hanging some hooks inside the chicken coop and they had to see what he was doing.

They are very curious animals. They got right inside the coop.

Sarah and Charlotte

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  1. Love the names. :o). It's great that y'all can let them out without them running off. They must have calmed down considerably.