Monday, January 11, 2016

Mule Stuck

The cows got out the other day and I was trying to get them all back where they belonged. I was trying to get them to follow me by shaking a bucket of cattle cubes, which is a big treat for them. They recognize the sound and will usually come running. I had forgotten that it had rained heavily a few days earlier until I drove the Mule through what looked like wet grass. At first when I realized I was getting stuck in the mud, I thought surely the Mule can get out. But the more I tried the more I got stuck.

The cows caught up with me at this point and surrounded the Mule and started helping themselves to the cattle cubes. I only escaped by going over the nearby electric fence. They churned up the grass until it looked like I had driven into a pond.

With Guv'nor gone during the day, I knew it might be days until he could help. I couldn't imagine going even one day without the convenience of the Mule.

So I called 9-1-1, otherwise known as Neighbor! And what a great neighbor. He knew just what to do. Within a few minutes I heard a tractor coming down the road. And sure enough it was him! I expected him to come later in the day and had naively thought he'd come in his Mule or four-wheeler to pull me out. But once he came and started towing, I saw how difficult it was even with his tractor and heavy chain.

And after he got our Mule out of the mud, he even offered to help get all the cows back where they were supposed to be!


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