Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Tour of Lights

There was a program on TV the other evening about a competition to decorate your house for Christmas - called Great Christmas Light Fight. I just caught the tail end of it. The people went crazy over decorating their house using millions of lights and coordinating music. The money they won probably just paid for their electricity bill. It all reminded me of the Griswolds in the film Christmas Vacation or the Halls in Deck the Halls.

We like Christmas lights even though they're a bit indulgent. We like decorating our house. We also like driving around and looking at all the Christmas lights. Different places have different traditions. In London, people would display their tree through a window or have lights outlining the windows. In Florida, houses in one area were decorated by professionals who wrapped the palm trees with lights. Another neighborhood was dominated by lights suspended from a central pole to look like a tree. We drove around the Highland Park area of Dallas the other night and looked at lights.

I had this idea that it might be interesting to see what our little town looks like at Christmas time. So, here's the tour. I apologize up front for the picture quality - since I'm not a great photographer nor do I use a fancy camera.

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