Thursday, July 17, 2014


Neighbors gave us a rabbit the other day. They had bought it for their granddaughter who was staying with them for a few weeks from Montana. When she went home, they decided to give it to us. It is a very pretty black female they named Hopper.

We've been wanting to try raising rabbits, but we aren't really organized for them yet. So at first we tried letting it roam with the cheeky pullets, but she scared the pullets and jumped easily through the fencing. Then we tried putting her in a portable chicken area called a "peck and play". But she easily got under the netting. Several attempts at containing her were unsuccessful. So the last time she got out, we decided to let her free range. We have noticed a few cottontail rabbits around the house so we thought they might become friends.

When we do see her around the house, we catch her and put her in a cage overnight for protection and to make sure she has something to eat. We haven't seen her for a few days but we're hopeful she's still out there making friends.

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