Monday, January 19, 2015

New Tank

Our friend Fireman has started a new side business using his bulldozer, so we hired him to dig us a new tank on our property. We chose a natural low spot where surface water was already draining and there were a couple of dead trees.

In addition to his bulldozer, he had another huge piece of excavating equipment with a huge claw on it that does the initial clearing.

The landscape was transformed in only a few days. At its deepest, the tank is about 15 feet deep. After a few days of rain, the tank is almost full.

Before the tank work began

You can see the gentle slope by comparing the tree line.

The deep trench walled in the valley to create the tank.

The trench was widened and formed into a more oval shape.

Sometimes he worked late into the evening.

The tank began to fill up quickly after a few inches of rain.

The tank is almost full.

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