Friday, September 2, 2016

Growing Chicks

The chickens are all learning to get along now that I've mixed the chicks with the older ones. There was the usual picking on the little ones as everyone adjusted to a new pecking order. The little ones were small enough to squeeze through the fencing, but are gradually learning to stay inside as they have more difficulty getting through and start getting stuck. Sometimes there are more outside the fencing than inside!

I've lost several for various reasons. Unfortunately our puppy hasn't learned to leave them alone. So when she chases them, they retreat into the woods thinking they'll be safe. But usually some of them don't return. I'm never quite sure what happens to them. Just gone.

My current count is 30 chickens:

2 Australorp roosters
9 Australorp hens
8 Americana hens
5 Rhode Island Red pullets
3 White Leghorn pullets
2 Barred Rock pullets
1 mixed pullet

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