Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Knitting Gifts

I've been knitting again. I usually find it relaxing to knit, as I rest in the afternoons and evenings watching TV. It's relaxing unless I have to rip it all out and start again because I've noticed a mistake.

I don't like to post photos of my projects until I've given them as gifts, just in case they happen to read my blog.

The pale pink baby cardigan and pink socks were knit back in August and given to a sweet little girl in Kentucky. I used a "top down" pattern and embellished it a little with some clear beads.

I used the leftover yarn to knit a ladies hat using a brioche pattern from Purl Soho. This went to my sister-in-law in Montana. It's gets cold up there.

Another pink baby cardigan was sent to Minnesota for a baby shower. The baby is due to arrive any day now. I used a "vintage" pattern and chose to make a larger size for her.

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