Friday, May 12, 2017

Bad Connection

We had a bad connection with the electric fencing recently. It took us a couple of days to work out it wasn't working properly and then a few more days to isolate the problem and get it fixed.

The first hint we had was finding one of the goats snarled up in the fencing. If the fence had been hot, the poor goat would have been crying and wailing. After I got her untangled and the fencing back and the goats all back inside the fencing, I thought I'd solved the problem. But I turned around and there they were again - outside the fencing.

The goats and dogs took advantage of the situation and did as they pleased for several days. The goats found a nice patch of green grass and the dogs wandered up to the house. Thankfully the cows were in an area that wasn't affected.

The problem ended up being a bad "energizer" (for lack of a better word) that reduces and pulses the current to make it safe.

We are planning to arrange better and more permanent fencing for the goats at some point. It's just time and money. Time and money.

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