Friday, September 8, 2017

Sweet Potatoes

A few weeks ago I planted some sweet potatoes. I had bought a couple of sweet potatoes several months ago, intending to have them for supper, but then never got around to it. So I left them to sprout, as part of my potato experiment.

A couple years ago (actually four years ago) I planted some from "slips" bought at the garden center. I wasn't really sure what they were at the time, but now I can see that they are just sprouts from old potatoes. Once the sprouts were 3-4" long, I snapped them off and put them in a jar with water to let them grow roots.

Then I planted 8 sprouts about 18" apart in the raised bed. After a week or so, I could see that only about half of them were growing. I'm guessing some didn't have sufficient roots. I dug up one of the plants and moved it to the end where the others were growing, so I'd save room for other things later.

We're not crazy about sweet potatoes so I'm sure whatever grows will be enough for us to have a casserole for Thanksgiving.

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