Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Over the past week, we’ve been seeing several strays. At first it was just the cows from our neighbor’s field coming through gaps in the fencing. We’ve learned that in Texas, fencing is for keeping out rather than keeping in. So, it’s really up to us to get the fencing repaired if we want to keep the cows out. We didn’t mind so much having the cows visit for a few days. After all, it was free fertilizer. Thanks again to the Priors for leaving the fencing in such good shape.

A few days later we had a visit from a stray donkey. He was just wandering down the road when one of the girls drove by on her way home from work - and he just followed her home. We encouraged him inside the fence line and fed him for a few days. He wandered off later with the cows and is still probably with them in another field.

Yesterday we saw two horses wandering down the road. One is a very sad and boney white horse that we had been spotted once before out by the road. The other one is less boney and spotted brown and white.

So this is how it is in the country. When someone wants to get rid of one of their animals, or can’t feed and look after it any longer, they just turn it loose on the road. Someone said it’s because they can’t sell them either. We had heard of stray dogs on the road before, but horses and donkeys??

We must admit, we liked having the donkey. We even named him James. So when we asked around we found that there are several ways to adopt a stray. You can ask the neighbors if they or someone they know has lost the animal. You can make an announcement on the local talk radio that you’ve found a stray and wait for the owner to contact you. You can post a notice on your gate that you’ve found a stray. You can ask around up at the feed store where everybody knows everything. But the sad truth is most likely no one wants it. If you don’t want it either, you can call the county sheriff and they will come and try to catch it and take it to the animal shelter.

Neighbor's cows grazing in our field

Stray donkey we had for awhile

Sad abandoned horse

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  1. Poor horse. That's so sad. All our pets came from people dropping them off out in the country. Best pets ever because they were so happy to be loved. You should run a shelter.