Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Bees 2

Guv'nor and Son "opened" the hives last night to check on the bees. To do this they have to suit up in their white gear and gloves because they disturb the bees. They used their smoker for the first time to calm them down. They took off the lid and pulled out each bar to check on them.

It is a learning experience since they aren't quite sure what to look for. But it seems that both hives are doing well. Each bar was slightly different. The bees are busy making their wax combs and filling them up with larvae and honey. This is good because of the life span of the drone and worker bee might only be a couple of weeks and the hive needs to be replenished. The honey wasn't harvested because the bees still need it.

Since I didn't have the suit, I stood about 10 feet away to take a few photos.

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