Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Event

We've been preoccupied lately planning a big event here on our property. Daughter was planning to get married so we thought this would be a good place for the ceremony and would fit in nicely with our small budget. 

It was a small family event and the two families did most of the work, leaving Bride and Groom to concentrate on other more important things. We did it all, I might add, in about four weeks' time. The Daughters and I did all the decorations - tassels and pom poms. Groom's sister did all the flowers. Groom's mother made the cake. I made the food for the dinner. Guv'nor and Tevia hung our Christmas lights over the back deck. We borrowed tables from Neighbor. We rented chairs, tablecloths, and frames from the local rental place. We bought a few glass dishes from thrift stores. I used dishes, cutlery, napkins and goblets that I had. We hired a photographer.

We set up the chairs for the ceremony at the front of the house under the shade of an oak tree. The Factor performed the ceremony. The dinner was on the back deck under a canopy of lights. The weather was mild. The Bride and Groom were beautiful. It was a lovely event.

Thanks to Daughter and Factor for the extra photos, since I didn't have time to take many.

Guv'nor and Tevia hung the lights the day before.

The lights were strung from the house to the poles.

Groom's sister did all the flowers. These are at the reception dinner.

We made over 100 tassels for garlands around the house.

The ceremony was at the front of the house in the shade.

Daughter drew the menu on a chalkboard easel.

We suspended tissue paper pom poms from the lights.

Groom's mother made the cake. Groom's sister decorated it and added love birds.

Bride's bouquet

The dinner was on the back deck under a canopy of lights. Fairy-tale like.

The morning after - such a lot of work for one day.


  1. What a beautiful wedding! I can't think of a better way to start a life together. Congratulations!

  2. It was so beautiful! I love all your creative touches. It's inspiring!