Thursday, September 26, 2013

Two Roosters

We can now say with confidence that we have two roosters (and eight hens). We have suspected this for several weeks, but it wasn't until they started to crow that we were sure. Now it seems they crow all the time.

Silly me, I thought a rooster only crowed once a day at dawn. Well, I now know that roosters will crow at random times throughout the day. And since we have two roosters, they seem to like to outdo each other in a crowing match to impress the girls.


  1. Beth - Great pix. Gotta luv them Roosters ! Nothin' beats a Rooster Strut ! Say "hey" to my Boy when he arrives. Do NOT try to convert him. He's spending too much time in the Lone Star State ! Blessings, T. J. Stonehawker

    1. Thanks T.J. But, sorry, we are doing our best to persuade him to join us here.