Monday, September 9, 2013

McAlister's Cups

We don't have many major restaurant chains nearby, but we do have a McAlister's Deli. In the big city, it wouldn't be my first choice. But out here, it provides a pretty good lunch when we want to make the drive.

They make a pretty good iced tea. So, over time I've collected up a few of their extra large plastic cups. I can't seem to throw away a good cup. I like to recycle, reuse, re-purpose. It makes me feel better.

So far, I've found it's the perfect size for at least three other purposes around here, besides using it for drinking. I'm sure there are more.

My stash of McAlister's extra large plastic cups.

It's the perfect size for cleaning the shower.

It's the right size for the daily ration of chicken feed.

I use two to fill up my Berkey water filter.


  1. Yep, we have a stash of McAlisters cups, too, and we use them for all kinds of things. Tom loves their unsweet tea, but I don't think their sweet tea is sweet enough.

    1. They are surprisingly sturdy. I'm sure I'll find more uses for them.

  2. That’s quite a collection of McAlister’s cups! Well, there are a number of projects you can do with plastic cups. You can use them as pen holders, or with a bit of designing, you can turn them into makeup holders. They’re also good indoor pots for seedlings.