Wednesday, September 18, 2013


We have a big over-sized tapestry that we bought for a big over-sized house we used to live in. It seemed to fit in that house. But after downsizing and moving a couple of times, the tapestry has been packed away for almost four years in a huge zip bag. We would never be able to sell it for a fair price, so we have decided to keep it.

Since we hope to stay here awhile, I thought it was time to hang it somewhere. There was really only one wall big enough for it and it just happens to be in the master bedroom. Lucky me.

So after waiting for him a few days, Guv'nor encouraged me to have a go hanging it by myself.

I couldn't remember just how big it was, so I got it out and spread it across the floor. I measured it as best I could. Then I measured the wall, taking into account the switches and the plugs. I moved things out of the way and brought in the ladders. I ended up needing three ladders. I never seem to be able to use a ladder without banging my leg or pinching my finger.

Thankfully the back of the tapestry had hanging hooks that were 10" apart. So I decided to use simple picture hooks which we already had. This saved me a couple of trips to Home Depot for supplies.

After setting up the ladders, measuring, drawing a line, measuring, moving the ladders, and nailing in the hooks, I was ready to lift the tapestry and start hanging. This is where I had to enlist the help of Son for a few minutes. It was surprisingly easy to hang once we started. I only had to move a couple of hooks to make it hang evenly.

The last thing I did was to stretch it slightly and tack the edges to the wall. This helped to smooth out the creases where it had been folded up for four years. It's not perfect, but will be fine until we get around to painting the room.

It almost feels like I sleep in Sherwood Forest.

I think the Priors were Longhorn fans - at least this brown reminds me of that color.

The tapestry barely fit across the floor so I could measure it. It was 13' wide.

The hanging bars were spaced evenly about 10" apart.

Measuring the height was more difficult since there wasn't enough room to unfold it on the floor.

I got out my handy dandy Home Depot apron to put my tools in.

We had plenty of picture hanging hooks. I used the ones at the top.

I measured 2" down from the moulding and drew a line. Then I made a mark every 10".

I nailed a picture hook on the line at the mark.

I nailed the hooks at the 10" marks.

I had to use the extension ladder for the section over the dresser.

We had to use a third ladder when it came time to hang the tapestry.

I used small nails to tack the edges.

By stretching it slightly, the creases are less noticeable.


  1. I like your dresser, it's really interesting. Brass knuckle pulls?? Is it mid century? We have a desk that I'm planning to gloss the top white, but now I'm considering my bedroom set, which is MCM that I got from my Grandma.

    1. The brass knuckle dresser is a Prestige Casework original!