Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Unfinished Business

I'm not that interested, usually, in basketball, but when it starts to affect me then I sit up and pay attention. We've also come to realize that anything that happens in a small town school get lots of attention, especially sports.

The big news around town is the high school girls basketball team made it to the state finals for the first time in history!  School was cancelled the day the team played in the first playoff game. It was a big deal. The school provided a "fan bus" to take about 30 students to the playoff game. It was about a three hour bus ride one way, but Daughter wanted to go. The downside was that it meant leaving the school at 4:15 - in the morning. I offered to take her up to school that morning since Guv'nor needed his beauty sleep.

It wasn't the first time the school had made it to the state playoffs. A few years ago they lost in the playoffs. They felt like they had "unfinished business" as they returned this year with high hopes to make it to the finals. And they did. They won their playoff game (56-36) and returned a few days later for the final.

The final game was on a Saturday and we watched it on a TV local sports channel. It was a contest of East vs. West as the two small Texas towns battled it out on the court. Our girls, sadly, were not able to make as many three point shots as the other team. They played a good defensive game but were outmatched in the end. Final score was 44-57. I guess we still have unfinished business.

Well done Ladycats!

Supportive signs were posted around town.
Playoff game final score.

The school notice board announced the game time.

We watched the final game on TV.

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