Friday, April 4, 2014


Our "farm" is gradually expanding.

We had a visit from a stray cat the other day. It just walked out of the woods one afternoon when I was sitting on the porch. It seemed friendly and fairly clean. It was determined to stay despite efforts from Dog to chase it away.

So the next morning when it was still lingering outside, I caved in and fed it on the back porch. I gave it some dog food and a little bowl of milk.

I was mildly criticized for feeding it and encouraging it to stay. We do not consider ourselves cat lovers by any means. But we all caved, one by one. First Dog stopped barking and chasing it. Then Guv'nor picked it up and petted it. Then lastly, Daughter allowed it to sit in her lap.

We did determine it is a female. She also looks fairly young. We haven't named her yet.

She will be an outside cat. I'm pretty sure I'm not going to change my mind about that. We want her to keep the mouse population controlled so we will not be feeding her too much.


  1. She's very pretty. I think that coloring is called Tortoise Shell.

    1. Thanks. I was wondering what it might be called. It is pretty. Still haven't decided on a name for her. So until then we're calling her Kitty.