Monday, April 7, 2014

Bad Smell

Warning: some might find this post yucky.

We kept smelling a bad smell in the garage for a couple of weeks. We figured it was a dead mouse somewhere but we couldn't find it.

We keep mouse traps set all the time now in the garage because we see evidence that they are around. Every few days there will be one caught. But a few times the trap was gone completely. Eeek!

Well, I found the smell the other day. I figured it was trying to get out where it came in. But it couldn't get through the gap carrying the mouse trap with him. Eeww.

The bonus was that he'd left lots of maggots in his place. I swept them up and the chickens had a treat.


Meanwhile, and seemingly unrelated, Guv'nor was having trouble with his truck air conditioning. When he took it up to the dealer for service, they called him back into the service area - rather like a schoolboy being called in the principal's office. The service technician had found the problem. A family of mice were living in the air vent filter! Unfortunately the mother escaped into the recesses of the cab but the babies were removed. Guv'nor caught the mother a few days later.

So, yes, we do need that Cat.

A gap between the garage door is just big enough for a mouse to get in.

I found two mouse traps by the gap. One got away, one didn't.

After disposing of the decayed mouse, I swept up the sand and dirt and found lots of maggots.

The chickens loved the maggots. What a treat for them.

This is the Guv'nor's air filter with the baby mice scattered around. Cute?


  1. Aww. I don't want to know what was done with the babies. We currently have something dead in our bedroom wall. I heard it scuffling around last week. Now there is no scuffling - just the dead smell. Ugh.

    1. We didn't ask what became of the babies. They were almost cute. Yes, that smell is a very distinctive smell. It reminded me of the permeating smell at a relative's old house when I was growing up which I attributed to a moldy old house. Now I'm thinking it was probably dead mice. I don't know what you do when they die between the walls.

  2. We had a dead squirrel in the guest room walls of,our old house. Poor little Paden had the room right across and thought the smell was my uncle who had been staying with us. :) We had an air purifier in there for what seemed like months.

    1. That's funny that your poor uncle got blamed. I guess the smell eventually goes away.