Wednesday, April 30, 2014


We finally had a big bonfire the other night. We have wanted to burn some of the huge wood piles we have accumulated around the property. Most of the piles were created when we did the fencing project. The pile we chose to burn first was one that was on the property when we arrived.

There was a county wide burn ban for many months which prevented us having a bonfire. Then the weather was too cold. Or too windy. Or too wet.

So finally the conditions were right and we set the date. We decided to invite a few friends to join us and made an evening of it. We gathered at the house and ate around the back deck. Then around sunset, Guv'nor lit the bonfire. Apparently dousing with diesel is the best way to get it started. We all took our lawn chairs out there and gathered around to watch the flames and sing.

It was the biggest bonfire most of us had seen. It was probably 30-40 feet in diameter to begin with. And the heat was so intense we had to sit about 15-20 yards away. As the fire died down, we inched closer to the flame. Eventually we were able to roast a few marshmallows for s'mores.

Many thanks to Neighbor who came over when he wasn't feeling well with his handy tractor to keep things contained.

I took this photo from the front porch after the bonfire had been burning about 10 minutes.

The fire was about 30 feet in diameter and the flames shot up about as high.

We sat around the fire and watched the flames and sang hymns.

We inched closer as the fire died down.

A few times the flames shot up higher.

Neighbor and his tractor were always close at hand.

A couple days later we were left with dirt and ash.

We had forgotten this burn pile had been started by the Priors and discovered non-burnable items.