Friday, June 20, 2014

Buzz Cut

I decided to have a go giving Dog a haircut the other day. Her hair was getting pretty long and shedding all over the house. Plus her back side was completely matted. She had also become a sticker magnet.

Her hair was so matted that I had to start out with scissors, then went on to the electric clippers. It then turned into more of a buzz cut. She was so good to sit patiently for two hours while I worked on her.

She looks like a completely different dog now. Hopefully this will keep her cooler for the summer.

Her hair was getting pretty long.

Her tail end was regularly covered in stickers that made their way into the house.

I think she's happy with her new cut.

Unfortunately I got a bit too close in a couple of places.

Sitting still for two hours was exhausting work.

Our sweet Dog

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