Monday, June 2, 2014

Coop Repair

The little chicken coop we bought last year has been unused and just sitting outside for several months, ever since we moved the chickens to the big coop. The goats were climbing on it at one point when it was still down near their area and they were being allowed to roam. Several panels had warped and fallen off. The door wouldn't slide open. It still had the old litter in the bottom and surprisingly didn't smell bad. Thankfully, we have set it up on a small utility wagon, so it would be easy to move around. Lately it's been sitting up near the house waiting to be used again.

With the little chicks growing by the day and getting restless, it was time to move them outside to the little coop. In the absence of a handyman, I decided to have a go at mending it by myself. I worked a couple days making the little repairs. A few nails and screws and glue in a few places and it was usable again. We had some varnish leftover from our back deck so I gave the roof a coat of varnish. I took out about half of the litter and transferred it to the compost bins. I'll add a new layer of litter.

We bought a new section of electronet fencing and an extension cord, so we can have two separate chicken runs plugged into the same solar charger. We moved the fencing around several times until it seemed like it was in the right place. It's so much easier moving the fencing after it's rained because the ground is softer. Otherwise, it's almost impossible to get the stakes into the ground.

It's all ready now for the new chicks to move outside.

I glued some of the panels that were warped.

The sliding door opening was warped and scratched up.

The top section of the roof was loose.

The old litter was up to the door opening.

I scooped it out.

I added the old litter to the compost bin.

I supported the side nesting boxes with old closet brackets.

A surprise added benefit is a hook on the brackets that I can hang the feeder and waterer.

With the coop on a small utility wagon, I can easily move it around by myself.

I screwed in a couple handles to the sides.

The repaired coop, in place and ready for the new chicks. The little ladder is from a garage sale.

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