Monday, May 18, 2015

Four Cats

We've been wanting a few cats for our property to help with mice control. I saw an ad on the Facebook group the other day offering 5 free cats. I told the lady we only really needed four and that they would be strictly outside cats. We wanted two for the garage area and two for the workshop area.

I took a couple of animal carriers with me, and she provided a couple more. The four cats were all different: orange and white, red, mottled, long haired black and white. A couple of them had been rescued cats. They were large and well fed. They meowed all the way home.

We tried to give them some tender loving care when we took them out of the carriers. We let them sit in our laps. We showed them the food and water bowls, and litter box. They jumped down and hid behind the outside chairs.

That's the last we've seen of the two here at the house. Guv'nor has been seeing the mottled one out at the workshop. We're not sure if the others are here or have run off into the woods. The first few days we could tell the food had been touched and the litter box had been used. But since then we can't tell if they're still around.

We have heard stories of cats traveling many miles to return to their original home, so maybe that's what's happened.

We would've taken more photos if we had known they were going to disappear so quickly.

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