Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Wild Blackberries

We discovered some wild blackberries along one of the fences the other day. We were surprised that some of the berries were already ripe. So Daughter and I went out there one evening and picked a small bucket full. It took us about 15 minutes to pick about one pound.

She was trying out her new digital camera she got for her birthday - a Lumix GF-1. I forgot to take my phone with me, so she has kindly given me permission to use her photos for this post. I told her we could make postcards from her pictures - they were so pretty.


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  1. I picked blackberries along our fence line yesterday, too. I almost missed my window of opportunity because many of the berries were already overripe. I only got a quart bag full. If I picked just a couple of days ago, I probably could have picked a gallon pretty quickly.