Monday, April 4, 2016


We had a bad storm the other day. We knew it was going to rain but we didn't know just how heavy it would be.

I was at home by myself and wasn't paying particular attention to the rain. I was actually sitting at my desk working on this blog and didn't have a clear view through any window.  Then I heard what sounded like rocks being thrown at the front windows. These windows are under a porch overhang and I don't think rain has ever really hit them before. That got my attention. When I went to check on things, I barely cracked the door open and could tell the wind and rain were too strong to safely open it. I looked out the back windows and couldn't see the chicken coop in the heavy rain.

When the rain did let up a few minutes later and I could see the chicken coop, I realized that I'd left the main door open. I put some rain gear on quickly and rushed out to close the door. The poor chickens were all huddled inside and completely soaked.

On the way back to the house I found cushions from our front porch furniture which had been blown to the back porch! And several other pieces of front porch furniture in various places. When I went out later to feed the animals, the lower pastures were flooded.

I later found out a tornado had blown through a nearby town around the same time.

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