Monday, May 23, 2016

Three Cowboys

Some days around here are mundane and boring. And then other days, strange things happen - like finding rats and seeing strange things out the window.

When I looked out the window the other day, I saw two blue objects in our far field. I had to get out my binoculars to see that it was two men on horses, facing each other holding something down with ropes.

I had to go investigate. So I got in our Mule and drove down the county road where I could get a better look.

It turns out that the men were rounding up some stray cows from an adjacent field when one of the cows bolted and broke through the fence into our field. The two men on horses followed and managed to rope the cow (I really wish I had seen that!) and hold it on the ground until the third man with the truck and trailer were able to get to them.

It was quite educational for me to see the men get the unwilling cow up on the trailer. You could tell they had done it before. Lots of slow movements and pulling of ropes in strategic directions. After all, cows aren't trained and this particular one was rather aggressive and uncooperative.
I think they started using a dog to herd the cow and then later had to use a cattle prod a few times.

Once they got the cow loaded on the trailer and secured, they loaded the two horses and were off to round up more strays. 

Even though they didn't ask or even tell us they needed to come on our property, they were friendly and obviously had good intentions. They were just getting their job done. They offered to come back and mend the broken fence. It's all give and take, because later our Mule wouldn't start and I got stranded out on the road. They came back around to check on me, and spent some time getting it started. 


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