Friday, August 12, 2016

Farmer's Market

I was reading an interesting article recently about Farmer's Markets. Most people like to think their local farmer's market is a true market where they can buy things produced by local farmers. But in fact, most markets are "resale" markets. You can read it here.

Last year I visited a smaller local farmer's market when I bought tomatoes to can and dehydrate. It was clearly a real farmer's market - only a few vendors, all selling mostly all the same in-season vegetables for mostly the same prices.

So in an effort to find another local farmer's market, I went along to one in Ennis, about an hour away from us.

After reading the above article, I went being very skeptical, asking lots of questions of the vendors. I came away feeling like about half were truly local (within 25 miles), and the other half were farther away (within 200 miles). But I didn't see any "resale" type stalls. So it gets the thumbs up from me.

It got extra points because my daughter, Ceramics Teacher, had a stall selling her new line of ceramic mugs. Click here: EvaCeramics

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