Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Storing Cream Peas

The cream peas I planted several weeks ago have produced well. I am happy with my first attempt at growing peas and will definitely plant more next year. I won't bother with a trellis next time because this variety doesn't really climb. An unexpected bonus is that the peas will just keep producing new sprouts until the first frost.

After consulting my cousin, I decided I'd try drying the peas for storage. This has turned out to be the absolute easiest way to store them.

I picked the pea pods, a few each day as they were ready, and shelled them. I put the fresh peas in a small dish open to the air. I left them there for a week or so until the peas were small and hard.

Then I put them in a jar and labeled it. I did add an oxygen absorber in the jar.

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