Saturday, January 28, 2017

Eight More

After our Three Surprises back in September, we have had eight more calves born.

I've lost track now when they were all born. I got used to Guv'nor coming in the house saying, "there's another baby out there."

They're quite hard to count sometimes. The mamas like to leave the babies sleeping in the tall grass while they graze in a different area. But sometimes you can walk around and find them or catch them all standing up and can get a good count. In fact, we had thought we had ten, but one day discovered we had eleven instead. It's almost impossible to get a photo of them all standing. We have seven full Red Angus, two Red Angus Brangus mix, and two Belted Galloway.

We have 28 total now, which is about half what we think our property could eventually support.


  1. Cattle....that is just too cool. We used to have cows in the field right behind our house every summer. We loved just watching them over the fence. I have taken so many photos of cows over the last five years! But now those owners have sold that land to the city. :( We're kind of hoping for a city park in place of cows.

    1. Thanks. Guv'nor has realized that he really loves raising cows.