Thursday, January 26, 2017

Lola's Cut

One day Lola had a cut on her face when I went out to feed the goats. She is one of our Great Pyrenees dogs who lives with and guards our goats. There was no obvious reason why she would have a big gash under her eye. We think maybe she caught it on a protruding nail or piece of sheet metal on their shelter.

It was a deep cut. "Laceration" I think is what a doctor might call it. We were in a dilemma about how to treat this. Just the thought of getting her to a vet was overwhelming, much less the vet's bill.

So we decided to try treating it on our own. She was very sensitive to us even looking at it much less trying to touch it. I'm guessing it hurt her when it happened and having us touch it wasn't good.

First, we decided to pour colloidal silver on it. It's water with antibacterial qualities. You can google it if you've never heard about it. Because it's basically water, she didn't seem to mind.

Then we used calendula cream, a natural homeopathic remedy we often use for cuts and scrapes. It also promotes healing and forming new tissue. The cream is soothing, so, again she didn't seem to mind.

We applied these two things every day for about a week, waiting to see if the cut was going to get infected. Instead it gradually healed.

She seems fine now but will have a little scar on her face, similar to the one Sadie has from being attacked by a raccoon when she was little.


  1. Poor Lola. I'm glad she's better.

    1. She is all better now. You'd have trouble noticing it if you didn't know. We're just so happy we didn't have to get her into the truck to take her to town!