Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Ever since we lost our dog Chelsea (remind yourself here how we lost her), we have felt like we needed another nice dog to keep Lola company out with the goats. One of my faithful blog followers saw that we lost Chelsea, so when she heard that a colleague was looking for a good home for their dog, she thought of us and put us in touch.

Sadie had been a rescued puppy and had been attacked by a raccoon. So she needs a little special care and attention. She also has a small scar to remind us of her story.

Sadie and Lola got along great from the first minute and have settled in together nicely. If you didn't know we'd lost Chelsea, you'd almost think she had come back.


  1. K didn't tell me ya'll actually got her. That makes my heart happy!

    1. Thanks so much for putting us in touch. She's a sweet dog.