Monday, April 13, 2015


I did a really silly thing a few weeks ago. I was in a hurry and decided I'd cut a big bar of soap into smaller pieces. The only thing I had handy was a pair of scissors. I've used an open pair of scissors as a knife successfully and safely many times in the past. But this time, the scissors slipped and the back side of the blade sliced into my finger. Several of the family were home, and we all concurred that it was deep but probably didn't need stitches. With my aversion to doctors, we decided to bandage it up here at home. We used a combination of lavender essential oil, calendula cream, and collodial silver. Within a few days I was able to remove the bandage. And now, about a month later, it looks completely healed. No stitches. No infection. No doctor bills. The worst thing is that I'm right-handed, and the cut was on my right index finger. It is still tender, though, and slightly numb.

5 days later

A month later

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