Monday, March 13, 2017

Mice Again

I've been hearing mice again in the attic space. So I set some more traps the other day. I used some old cheese I had for the bait. And while I had it out, I decided to set more traps in the garage and chicken coop. 

The next morning I had caught two in the attic, one in the garage, and one in the chicken coop. I reset the traps and the following day caught another one in the attic.

Since then I haven't heard noises and haven't caught anything. The cheese is gone on a few traps, so I know they're still around. Just getting smarter. And fatter!

If you're squeamish, don't scroll down.


  1. You get 'em, Cuz. Those little scurrying rodents freak me out.

    1. Well I do wear gloves. And they're dead. So not that brave really.

  2. Well have mercy! Some of them probably get full before they nibble close enough to the cheese holder.... Marvin!...Marvin!... look... it's the mother load!.....snap!!!!