Friday, March 3, 2017


One treat that Guv'nor misses is something called Butter Tablet. We used to buy it at the grocery store when we lived in England. It's very similar to vanilla fudge. But different according to Guv'nor.

Recently I ran across a recipe for it and decided to give it a try. It's basically sugar and butter. But you cut it up into small pieces so you don't have to eat much at a time. Here's the recipe with better pictures and instructions than I can give you. 

You'll need a candy thermometer, but luckily I had an old one in the drawer. Mine burned a little in the bottom of the pan, but didn't seem to affect the overall taste or texture. My arm gave out after about 15 seconds stirring when it was taken off the heat, so I resorted to a hand mixer which worked just fine.

I've stored it in a small tin and amazingly there is still some left! It is melt-in-your-mouth good. And Guv'nor says it's pretty close.

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