Thursday, August 3, 2017


Lest you think everything we do here is a success, using the BioPod grub maker has really been a challenge this year.

After it's initial success, it's been difficult to get things going again this year. Once it warmed up I had hoped the grubs would return and I could just carry on. But when I added food scraps, the tub would get disturbed by an animal. I suspect it was our dog smelling the food and getting into it, but I can't be sure. The lid is tied down and brick on top to weigh it down. But that didn't seem to matter.

So I thought I'd clean it out and have a fresh start. I dumped all the composted scraps into our compost bin. I washed all the pieces and put a new base down. Then started adding the usual food scraps.

Day after day, I'd find that the tub had been disturbed and all the food scraps would be gone. Once the lid was pried open.

So, I'm giving this a rest for awhile.

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