Tuesday, August 1, 2017


It happened the day the guy came to cut hay. I was going in and out the front door to watch him from the porch and wasn't paying too much attention. I was looking where I was walking (remember the snakes?) and wasn't looking at the door.

My first thought was that the door knob had shocked me somehow. Then when I looked closer there was a scorpion crawling on the inside of the door. Just under the latch plate.

Thankfully the sting wasn't too strong but I certainly felt it. Like a pin prick or a bee sting. I quickly put a few drops of full strength lavender essential oil on it, and rubbed it in good. Then I wrapped an ice pack around my hand for the next hour or two. I'm not sure which helped more but the combination prevented my hand from swelling.


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    1. It certainly teaches you to watch what you're doing all the time.