Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Scorpion Sting

As the rain was coming down the other evening, Guv'nor noticed one of the gutters was clogged with leaves. So he hurried outside with the ladder to clear the blockage. Later he reached down at the cluster of debris coming out the downspout and grabbed a pile of leaves. (Yes, without gloves! What was he thinking??) Something stung him.

He came in the house saying the only thing that he could, "I've been stung. I've been stung." The following minutes would have been comical had he not been in such obvious pain. Some shaking and hopping around the kitchen might have occurred. It took me awhile to respond, after I could understand what he was saying.

At this point, we had to take his word for it because there was nothing visible. He washed his hand with cold water to get a better look. I got out the homeopathic "sting cream" and applied it quickly to the general area. Then I filled a small zip bag with ice and put it on his thumb. A few minutes later we could see a red dot where something had stung him.

As his hand began to swell, we quickly Googled various treatments for stings and bites. The photos were pretty grizzly. Thankfully, it seems we did all the right things (wash, ice, elevate). We aren't certain, but we think it was a scorpion.

His right hand was puffy and swollen from the sting.

The typical size of the scorpions in our area.

The sting comes from the spike on the tail end called a telson.

Sting Gel is one of several homeopathic remedies we use regularly.

The list of active ingredients of the sting gel


  1. Sorry, but I had to laugh at your description of the hopping and shaking. I hope he's better now.

  2. He's fine. The swelling is all gone and he doesn't seem to have any lasting side effects (so far!).