Friday, May 16, 2014

Garage Sale

The town-wide garage sale was last weekend. Daughter was insistent that she wanted to get rid of some of her things and make a little pocket money. She offered to do all the work.

So we paid our $10 for the permit and got up early Saturday morning. We loaded up the car and set up our table on the main street under the shade of an abandoned building. The garage sale wasn't as popular this year and we ended up being the only people set up downtown.

We stayed about 5 hours and we cleared about $60. "Not too bad for collecting up some of my old junk from around the house," she says.

We collected all our junk.

We loaded it up in the car.

The car was full.

We set up our table in front of an old building.

We were mostly in the shade.

We were the only ones set up downtown.

We put some of our things on a bench that was there.

We hung some of the clothes on a clothes rack.

Unwanted jewellery

The tangle of hangers when it was all over.

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