Thursday, May 15, 2014

Baby Goat

We are slowing adding to our goat flock. Guv'nor picked up a new baby goat last week. He bought her this time (last time made a trade) from Groom's mother. We only got one this time because Guv'nor wanted a specific breed that he prefers.

Our three older goats haven't been very nice to the new little one. They were aggressive towards her the first few days, butting and nudging her and not letting her eat. We have been told by several people that this is the normal way to establish who's in control and that they will eventually sort out the pecking order. Poor baby goat probably didn't eat for the first four days.

Chelsea and Lola like her though.

Guv'nor didn't have much trouble coming up with a new name. He says she just looks like an Amber. So Amber it is.

Guv'nor brought the new baby goat home in a large dog kennel.

She is a Nubian/Boer.

We moved the crate to the Mule to take her out to the goat shelter.

She could stand up inside the crate.

Her coloring is similar to Charlotte's.

The other goats were very curious.

They circled around her, sniffing and nudging.

They wouldn't leave her alone at first.

Sarah was establishing her authority.

Amber has small horns in comparison with the others.

Even sweet Charlotte was chasing Amber around the pen.

Then they ignored her and wouldn't let her near the feed.

Chelsea and Lola were happily watching.

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