Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Deer Fawn

It's not unusual that Dog barks at things outside. Sometimes it's a passing truck. Sometimes it's nothing we can see.

The other morning she kept barking so long that I eventually went out to see what she was barking at. She was having a bit of a stand-off with a deer who had come closer than usual to the house.

That was unusual. After watching the confrontation awhile, it seemed the deer wasn't scared of Dog and even advanced toward Dog a few times with a snort. I'd never seen or heard that before. I guessed she was in a protective mode.

Later that morning, seemingly unrelated, Guv'nor found a fawn out in the open field near the gate with the weather station. Being the newbies that we are, he brought it up to the house. We were thinking that it was lost from the mother who had been near the house earlier.

After a few texts to friends and family and searching on the internet, we discovered we had done all the wrong things. So we took it back to the spot out in the field and hoped the mother would return for it. Later when we checked, it was gone. So we're hoping it was reunited with the mother.

Just in case you were wondering what you should do, here are a few guidelines. The following quote is taken from the Texas Parks and Wildlife website.
Abandoned deer fawns: In Texas, it is very common for people to encounter seemingly orphaned or abandoned deer. Mother deer typically leave their fawns bedded down while they are away foraging. If the fawn is not crying, is not covered with fire ants, the eyes are not swollen and there are no visible wounds, do not handle or disturb it. Your presence will only cause unnecessary stress for the fawn. 
A recent study found that 40% or more of the deer fawns referred to TPWD were not orphans or injured, but "kidnapped" from their mothers. Typically these incidents were well-meaning but misguided attempts to "save" seemingly abandoned fawns.
We will know better next time.

At first the deer was near the front of the house.

She gradually moved to the side of the house, drawing Dog away from the fawn.

Guv'nor carried the little fawn up to the house.

The fawn looked newborn and had big white spots.

It had such spindly legs and could barely stand.

I took it back to the field and found a place where it looked like they had been.

The spot was pretty close to the house.

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