Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Knitting Expo

Several weeks ago I ventured up to the Big City for a knitting expo. Sorry I forgot to post about this earlier.

It was held in the oddest looking modern building, but parking was free.

I was mostly wanting to find a few nice pieces of yarn. I typically like to knit baby clothes because they don't take much yarn and I can finish a project in a few weeks. Plus they're cute. I seem to have an endless supply of recipients.

I learned that the most popular thing right now is lace weight yarn for making lacy scarves and shawls. I wasn't every interested in these stalls. The other popular things were spinning and weaving. Both things I don't know anything about. Yet. I am hoping to learn though. I did manage to find a few nice yarns for future projects.

Irving Convention Center

This annual yarn expo is the nearest one for me to attend.

There was a donation bin for handmade baby hats for local hospitals.

Donated baby hats.
The hall was clean and bright, with mostly women attendees.

There were about 50 vendors.

One vendor had natural wool fleece on display.

Naturally black wool

More natural wool fleece

Natural wool fleece has a surprisingly oily feel caused by lanolin.

A hand cranked spinner

A spool of spun natural wool

A floor loom

Hand dyed yarn

Very true especially here since most yarn was expensive.

One purchase was hand lotion - from buffalo tallow.

My new stash - one alpaca, two merino wool.

Some of my recent knitting projects: baby socks and bonnet from sock yarn

Another recent project was a baby cardigan. The lavender color is distorted.

This is a closeup of the cardigan that shows the true color.


  1. Good pictures Mummy. I like to see what you've knit recently. :)

    1. Thanks Katie. The purple set went to a sweet little girl named Penelope.

  2. Your knitting is amazing! Love all of it.

    1. Thanks. I find it very relaxing and enjoy being able to do something non-electronic once in awhile.

  3. Replies
    1. Yes - either you find knitting very boring OR you can't spell yarn. Either way, clever you are.